Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More DISNEY!!!!

Here we are in LegoLand as I call it in Downtown Disney's Marketplace. It was the very first thing the girls did after we got there.
I would like to take a moment and mention that it must be Michele & Alex relative month in Disney also. My cousin Courtney and her family were there the week before us celebrating little Lawson's 1st birthday, my other cousin Jamie and her whole family were there the same time we were and today Al's sister, Wendy, is leaving for the World with her husband and son. Too funny huh??
Here's my girls in front of the Lego shark crab and fish. They were amazed and so was I that they can make these things out of little Legos.
The twinkies huggin on Goofy at the fun little spurting fountain at our resort. We stayed at the Pop Century Resort in the 90's building. It was so much fun. Everything Disney is so over the top. The front of our building was a gigantic laptop computer.
As if Disney World isn't enough of a treat for my girls, me and mom had a few suprises up our sleaves. After the girls got back from eating at the resort food court the first night mom had their brand new PRINCESS nightgowns laid out for them. They loved them and were pleasantly surprised!!!
And here are my sweeties in front of the magical Cinderella's Castle. They were amazed at the castle and how pretty and big it was. Like the twins cute Minnie Mouse pants?? They actually were some that MeMe found at a Kelly Kids clothing sale. Lots of people commented on them. But the girls got too hot by the end of the day so we changed them into sun dresses.
Well, much more to come soon. now, off to work for me!!


Joy said...

I guess we just have a family full of HAPPY people!

Courtney Long said...

looks like ya'll had so much fun! i love the nightgown surprise! so sweet! :)