Saturday, May 17, 2008

We're Home!!! Disney World Rocks!!

Well we actually came back home from the Happiest Place on Earth but it was hard. We had an absolutely wonderful time but I'm pooped. The looks on my baby girl's faces were just priceless every time they saw something new. Here's just a glimpse of just the first day. I'll post more over the next several days for you all. Enjoy and....See Ya Real Soon! I'm going to bed.My baby girls LOVE Cinderella!

Nana & CP on the Magic Carpet Ride. Notice Pappy and Uncle JaJa in the background. We're all just kids at heart!
THE Cinderella Castle! Mags wanted to know where Cinderella was in the Castle. I overheard her daddy tell her that Cinderella was in there primping and brushing her hair. How funny! Good one Daddy!


Kim Lawson said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful trip! Glad your back, though1

Anonymous said...

I so cannot wait to see all your pics! We are very glad you had an awesome time and so happy you're back.