Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day in the Park

We have an excellent park near our house. I've posted pictures from there before. It has a great playground, skateboard park, walking trail, ball fields, etc. Mom took the girls there a week or so ago and got these pictures. I guess I need to dig my camera out b/c all the shots I have to blog about lately are from mom's camera.
And apparently it was the same day as the Blueberry Pickin' b/c they have on the same clothes!
Here they are on the entrance to the walking trail.
A cute close up of my babies.

And while they were there the sprinklers for the flower and shrubs came one. As you can see, my little angels took it upon themselves to dance in the "rain." Mom said they were dancing and singing up a storm out there. I hate I missed the show!


Kim Lawson said...

Looks like a terrific park! I dearly love the "dancing in the rain" picture!

Lana said...

LOVE the sprinkler picture. Such a sweet mama you have. Is it close to the Parker's? Jackson will be there next week for vbs and I'm sure would love it.