Monday, August 3, 2009

Bathing Beauties

Ok so now I can't find my camera! And I can't download all those pictures until I find it. I know, it's terrible but it's here somewhere. The fun will be finding it. SO, until I do recover it, I have posted some pictures not yet published in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for your viewing pleasure.
Several weeks ago the girls had a pool party of sorts in Nana's front yard.
Looks cool and relaxing doesn't it?
Yes, she's "sun-bathing." I know it's taboo and politically incorrect these days but she gets it honest I do have to admit! I'm sure there was sunscreen on her to make the worriers feel better.

Living it up in a plasic pool. Oh those were the days.

Acting silly in a pool.
What more fun can be had as summer vacation draws to an end?
On to fall and school and football and such so very soon!!
I do love all of those things but it's sad to see summer break come to an end each year. Good thing it swings back around every year. I will be glad for cooler weather but that doesn't happen here till like October so sweat on my dear Alabama friends.
More to come soon when I find that sneaky camera!! I bet it got mad at me for neglecting it and ran off to hid and pout! Oh wait that's what my kids do!! Haha. Oh well, Until next time.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I am jealous - it does look relaxing and fun!!!

Anonymous said...

ummm...have you thought to ask those precious girls? I bet they know where the camera is :o)

Rachel said...

Your girls are so cute! :)