Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trade Days

So a couple of weekends ago we headed up to Tannehill to hang out with Al's parents who were camping there for the weekend. It happened to be Trade Days so we ventured over to check out the wares. Funny enough, Alex was the one who found the most "treasures."
Our beloved neighbors, Nicholas and Zack, went with us to make the day so much more fun. We rode the little train over from the camping area to the Trade Days area.

Here's the group of good lookin' kidos with their purchases from the huge garage sale-like mass of stuff. Notice #1 that Zack was not all together happy about the picture and #2 Miss Maggie's lovely new headband she just HAD to have. Not sure where it is at the moment but that day it was a must have!!

There was a little bubbling creek that Meme wanted the kids to see so they all took of their shoes and enjoyed the cool water on their tootsies.

And to top it all off PawPaw and Meme had watermelon for us all. All my girls like it but my CP LOVES it. Could it possibly be that it was one of the two things I craved daily while I was preggo with her??? Who knows?!
On to more adventures next time!!


courtney said...

love that watermelon smile! looks like a fun day!