Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pre-School Events

No, not Preschool as in Pre-K but Pre-School as in before school started....
Meme wanted to treat the girls to a mani-pedi before school started. So last Monday Meme came out to our house and we hit up the local nail salon. Each girl got to pick out their own color. I only barred the really fluorescent ones. The 80's went out a long time ago people!!
Here's Miss Gracie getting her nails filed. She bowed out of the pedicure. It wasn't her thing. Wow, she really takes after her momma!!

Miss Maggie getting her nail polish. They were so excited and thought they were "hot stuff" needless to say.

Big sissy in the Pedicure chair. It had a massage option in the chair. She really liked that.

And here's the final product. Maggie got the purple (of coarse-it's her signature color), Gracie got the bubble gum pink and CP got the bright pink. We also took a small shopping spree for school clothes that day. Thanks Meme to a great day!!


Anonymous said...

How special! I saw CP's nails and toes the other day. Looking good!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Fun "girly" times!! I took Tyner Beth to get her toenails painted a few weeks ago. She was about to die if I didn't take her. :) In her defense I had promised that trip as a reward for all her school awards...and then Walt went and broke his leg, so it was postponed by several months! :)

Of course all she talked about while we were there was the smell. HA!