Saturday, October 3, 2009

Silly Sunny Saturday Funnies

Just a few funnies to brighten up your day from my silly sweethearts:

  • A week or two ago the twins stayed with my mom for the night. Alex, Clara Paige and I were all laying around watching TV. I asked CP if she enjoyed being the only child for the night. Her reply (with that girlish smile of hers),
"It's my life long dream!"
She's such a nut but it cracked us up.
  • This past week Maggie asked me out of nowhere, "How many Orphans does Snow White have?" Hmm.. I'm a little confused but my brain quickly snaps back. I say, "Oh you mean Dwarfs honey." She being younger and quicker fires back, "Dwarfs?? Sounds like Dorks to me. How many Dorks does Snow White have then?"
Kids! Life would be so boring with out them. They bring such smiles to my face.
PS- Yes I've been sick too this week. Couldn't get by w/out catching this walking pneumonia thing. It's yucky. I'm better but the cough is no fun at all. Here's to next week being virus free at our home and yours.

AND since it's SATURDAY, I can't finish this w/out a WAR EAGLE!


Joy said...

We talked about you and the girls when we were with Josh this week. Your cousin thinks Auburn will win big today.

hicksfamilycircus said...

Aunt Joy, Tell my Cuz I'm so glad he's so good at predicting ball games!!