Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AU Report via Special Guest Host

Hey Guys, Aubie here standing in for Michele. She took the day off from blogging to rest and take care of those sick kids of hers. I'll be reporting her long overdue post about their fun yet wet weekend in Auburn (my hometown) for the AU vs.WV game a few weekends ago. Man, I was so excited we had such a great game that night. My fellow tigers did a great job on the field regaining some respect we so desperately needed. And...oh sorry got carried away there. Just sit back and enjoy as I recap the Hicks' weekend for ya!

Here's those adorable Hicks girls, Clara Paige and Maggie with their AU tailgating buddy Walker Lindsey. They were taking in some much needed game day coloring. Doesn't every football fan settle down to color before a big game?? No, well when I do I only use the orange and blue.

And here's the newest member of the tailgating group sitting in Ms. Michele's lap. I think that's the cutest baby tiger-cub I've seen in a long time. This here is Miss Madelyn Lindsey. She's Walker's little sister. I've never seen a little tigerette smile so much. She sure must love her adorable furry mascot so much she can't stop grinning!!
And here's one of my favorite pictures of the group. Man, those Hicks Chicks sure are looking good in those cheer leading uniforms. Maybe one day they'll be out on Pat Dye field with me cheering on the Tigers to numerous victories. I think this was taken a little bit before the game started. Maggie was practicing her Touchdown signal to be sure she had it down pat!

And here's Ms. Michele with two of her AU cubs looking super. I'm telling ya that Hicks family is an AU family if I've ever seen one. I'm thinking this is Gracie and Clara Paige. I have a hard time telling those twins apart I tell ya. I may be one of the best college mascots around but I'm no good at picking out those twins!

Before the game started that night a TERRIBLE storm blew in and although Mr. Alex and Ms. Michele managed to stay dry by some small miracle, I've been told the camper was not the best place to be for Nana and the girls. However they did hold down the fort, as they say, and got to watch the game. However, some of those tigerettes were so pooped out from the day they just couldn't make it through the entire game. Gracie looks so sweet snoozing away as our Tigers played their hearts out.

But not to worry. Nana tells me that Miss Maggie was there right in front of that TV rooting on me and the Tigers. She was so interested and not happy at all at those West Virginia Mountaineers when they would get touchdowns and not let our Tigers get some. I'm so proud of the Hicks for raising those girls right. Not only to love me and the team but to love some SEC football!! (I've heard they like NFL too = but I don't know too much about that.)

Here's a picture of Ms. Michele and my friend Maggie looking so ready for some AU football!! I enjoyed having them in my town for a wonderful even if soaked football weekend. I hope they make it back again soon! I've enjoyed my time with you guys today but I've got to go get back on the field and help those boys practice. They need me around for moral support. Then later on this week we jump on a bus or plane to head up to TN to match up with those Volunteers. Watch out Smokey! So,until next time........


(Pictures of Aubie courtesy of Miss Gracie Michele Hicks Photography-unbeknown to her parents until viewing the camera the next morning!)


kimberly t. bowling said...

War Eagle, Aubie...excellent reporting!

Joy said...

Great pictures Gracie! I didn't know that I had relatives with such close ties to a famous person.
Aunt Joy

Allyson said...

WAR EAGLE! Great pics!