Sunday, January 10, 2010


I still have highlights from the Holidays to share with ya so hang on for a whirlwind tour.
CSI (Casualty & Surety, Inc.) Christmas Party 2009.
This is Cassie and me showing off our Tiger pride. It was a dirty Santa game. The tie was suppose to be a gag but ended up with and AU fan anyway!
Me & two of my work buddies, Linsey and Andrea!! We clean up pretty good I think.

My babies were in their first School Program at Preschool. They were my bright and shining stars at the First Baptist of Alabaster K-4 Christmas Program. They sang the sweetest songs and loved the attention!! Nana and Meme & Pawpaw came to see them perform.

We also went to Callaway Gardens to see the Parade of Lights that they have there every year. It really is a pretty sight but no in freezing, rainy weather!! Here is Alex with his CP trying to stay warm.
We went w/Rachel and her family and our family friends, James & Linda Clemens. We made the best of it through the frosty noses and wet shoes because we were with family and friends!!!

And here's a picture of the crew while we took a quick reprieve into the Butterfly House at Callaway Gardens. We didn't see many butterflies but it was warm and dry and the girls had fun!! More to come so stand by and maybe I'll move on from the Holidays soon!!
Have a great week everyone!


kimberly t. bowling said...

Yes, in fact you do clean up the AU tie, and bright and shining stars, INDEED. :)

Joy said...

You look great in that color blue.
Loved all the pictures of my nieces.
Love ya

courtney said...

great pic of you and your friends. i love the star picture of the twins! so precious!

Kim Lawson said...

You look gorgeous in your blue dress! I agree with Joy about the color. Love all the pics, especially the one with Alex and CP!

hicksfamilycircus said...

Why thank you everyone for the ego boost. See, I knew I was meant to wear blue and not red!! I knew it all along.;) Love you all!!