Monday, January 18, 2010

Last One I Promise..

Ok so it's so far past Christmas you probably don't even want to read about it but for memories sake I can't move on until I post some pictures from our annual lunch at my Granny's house. We gather every year together for a meal, usually the Saturday before Christmas, all 50+ of us! It's always an interesting day but so full of family you almost can't stand it!!

My sweet Clara Paige ready to do some scrap booking on the front porch.
Aunt Charlotte (aka Red Charlie) had the excellent idea for the kids to bring pictures and do Christmas scrap books. My girls LOVED it! Thank you so much Red Charlie for that idea and for taking the time and effort to organize and oversee the project. We love you.

And here they are waiting for the highlight of the day: Presents! Cousin Emma, Clara Paige, Gracie, Maggie and Cousin John Brady sure are waiting patiently. This is, of coarse, is before all the chaos of unwrapping begins. But hey, the kidos love it!!
And as promised that concludes our 2009 Christmas experience! You may proceed to your regularly scheduled blogs now.
So, next post spoiler - some body (or bodies) get their hair cut (lots of hairs cut)!!