Monday, September 27, 2010

Auburn vs. Clemson Weekend

Yes, I know I'm a game behind but I'll get caught up don't you worry your pretty little heads about it. And I'm not throwing out my AU disclaimer anymore. You should know by now there's gonna be a lot of Orange and Blue. So let's get started. Alex and I headed out for the AU/Clemson game a couple of weekends ago expecting a good game but Whew, what a nail biter it would turn out to be.

Al & I always love to get to AU early and walk around campus and check out anything new. This year we have our brand spanking new Basketball Area. And it's NIICCEE!

Here's a shot of the front of it. It's taking me some getting use to the idea of an arena versus a coliseum however it's much bigger inside than it looks ladies & gents. And also an excellent place to get in out of the 120 degree weather.

I had to get a shot of the score board. This picture does not do it justice at all. It's so pretty with its bright colors (orange & blue of coarse)!

There was some kind of practice or something going on so I caught a shot of that too so you can see the new floor. It should work out to be an excellent addition to the campus. Of coarse there are offices in it but supposedly you can rent out spaces too should the need ever arise.

Most of you know it was ESPN Game Day at AU and might I say this bus sure was an excellent color if I do say so! And I must say Kirk Herbstreit is now one of my favorite announcers. His comments about Auburn made me even more proud to be a Tiger.
If interested the link is here:

Here's a shot from one of AU's most infamous traditions: Tiger Walk. It's where you and a couple thousand of your friends get together to encourage and cheer on the players and coaches as they walk into the stadium. Many try to imitate it but none can duplicate it. It's awesome!

And oh yes, There's our Cam! This guy was holding up this sign while waiting for Tiger Walk. We love all our players but Cameron Newton is just so much fun to watch. I must admit the AU family is quite impressed with him and so are others (even Finebaum likes him)!!

And what's a game day without that fuzzzy feline we all love: Aubie!?!
He draws a crowd no matter where he goes!

There was even a dude up on a tree leading cheers before the players made it down to where we were standing. He was nuts but quite entertaining!

And here's our Auburn Network guys recording the Pre-game radio show. This one's for mom b/c I know she really likes Mr. Stan White. He was quite the QB in his time and now he's quite the radio announcer. Also on that stage should be Rob Bramlett, Quentin Riggins (former AU linebacker), & Paul Ellen. Impressed? Don't be I looked it up. And I don't know who the other dudes are.

Here's me & Donna hanging out before the game. We had on our Navy b/c it was ALL IN/ALL BLUE day. It was great seeing all fans supporting and wearing their navy.

This is a shot of the student section right after we won the game in OT! They even handed out special blue shakers just for this game. It was such a great ending and let me take a moment to mention how impressed Alex and I were with the Clemson fans. They were very courteous and it was a pleasure having them in Auburn.

Me & Al after the game. See those large goofy grins? That's what you get after a long, hot, exhausting Over-Time win in Jordan-Hare Stadium!!
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Dave Long said...

Enjoyed the post. I was sweating it out all day in Auburn too. It was great to leave with a win. War Eagle!

courtney said...

love all the pictures at the game and concert. looks like a great time!

Anna said...

It feels funny leaving a comment on an Auburn fan page... coming from a Tide fan. Looks like you guys had a blast! :)