Friday, September 24, 2010

CREED in the ATL

So back in August we headed out on a grown-up adventure to Atlanta with our pals Keith & Donna Strickland. It was an awesome weekend getting to hang out with our friends, see some sights and listen to some of our favorite music!
Here we are waiting on the concert to start. Alex got us these "VIP" seats which was pretty cool. We weren't right at the stage but had our own little box of 6 seats that we got to share with Big Bubba #1 & Big Bubba #2 but they ended up being pretty cool!
Here's our good friends Keith & Donna at the Hard Rock Cafe - 0nly fitting don't you think since we were headed to the concert after our dinner that night?

Skillet (a Christian Rock Band) opened for Creed and they were Awesome! We have several of their songs and really enjoyed watching them. They were very entertaining and great musicians! We even converted Keith to their music(verdict is still out on Donna)!

And here's the man of the hour - Mr. Scott Stapp. I'm no photographer so you'll have to use your imagination to get a good glimpse of him but that voice is amazing to me! Creed probably is my all time favorite band with Daughtry at a close 2nd. This was mine & Al's 3rd time seeing them live and they did not disappoint at all! They still put on an excellent show!

Here's a shot toward the end. If you look close you can see Stapp and Tremonti (guitarist) standing together. With that voice and that talent on the guitar you can't help but get lost in the lyrics and music.

The next day we headed to the World of Coca-Cola. I had not been there in YEARS. Actually I had not been to this location at all. This was the new and improved version. I must say I was impressed and we had a great time learning about my FAVORITE beverage ever!! And folks I'm ready to admit that I'm addicted I must say. Me & my Coke (regular only) meet up every morning to start the day. Forget your coffee. I'm a Coke girl! Only other Coke lovers understand me.

Here's me and my man looking stellar with our Coke 3-D glasses. They have this cute little 3-D movie kinda like at Disney where the seats move and all. It was hilarious! I think I screamed a couple of times like a little girl. Ha!

And check out these two hot babes lounging in the Coke Art Gallery. They don't come any finer than this folks!

And toward the end of your tour you get to try all the wonderful Coke products made across the World. Can't you tell how refreshing this one was that Alex tasted?! Truthfully, some were ok and some were just awful. But that was the fun of it!

I had to throw this last one in. This is where you pick up your free bottle of Coke before you leave to go to the Gift Shop. The sweet little guy who hands you your bag for your bottle asked Keith if he was my dad!!! HAHA!!! Yup, poor Keith! I don't think he looks old enough to be my dad but I'll take it any day!!
Have a great weekend and be expecting another AU post soon.