Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yes, It's Here & We've Been Waiting

It's that time again. Ladies & gentlemen here I come again. I consider everyone of you all my friends.....However, if you do not love my Auburn Tigers then you may choose to skip the next few months on this here little ole blog! So there's your warning.

Now for those of you that love me no matter what, let me continue on with the first official AU weekend update. LAST weekend we headed down toward AU to Lake Martin to spend some time with our very dear family friends, the Clemens at their lake house. Alex was in Atlanta working the Nascar race so it was me, Nana and the Hicks Chicks in on this adventure. So, while we were at the lake we did what ya do at the lake.....

We did some boat riding (drivin')

Some more boat drivin' (we start 'em young)

And some more boat drivin'.

Thanks so much to Mr. James for being so patient and trusting my munchkins so much with his boat! They did wonderful. We got a few close up views of the shore line but not too bad.

Caught a cute shot of Ms. Linda and CP having what looks like a pretty interesting conversation.

Then it was on to the event of the weekend! The first AUBURN Home game of the 2010 season. And I'll say it till I die, those are the cutest lil' AU Tigers I've ever seen!

Since Nana and Maggie chose to head out and tour Auburn during the game, only Gracie and CP braved the rather large mass of people to watch the game w/me.

Here's my Clara Paige enjoying the all important Frozen Lemonade to be had at every Auburn football game they attend.

Please notice Gracie showing off their new Tiger Rags t-shirt. I love that place. I could stay for hours but on game day that's not quite possible b/c you are there with as many of your AU bros & sisters they can fit in that place. It ain't that big a place folks.

I must stop here to say that during the game my babies were EXCELLENT! We were squished b/w some very large grown men and my girls didn't complain one time. Also, Gracie Goose was very interested in the game and asked her mama many footballish questions. I'm sure I was quite amusing to the very large grown men sitting by us as my answers probably would have embarrassed Alex but I did the best I could. I love me some football but not so much an expert on the rules and explanations behind it all!

Also, before we headed out that night we ran into one of our fellow Cowboys Tumbleweed Cheerleaders. This is our friend RK. She and her family are as much Orange and Blue as us Hicks are. Me thinks I'm gonna like these new friends.

All in all it was a great first game. As you know, we won by a pretty decent margin. We have lots of work to do but I know my Tigers are up to it. I did take some shots of the game but they weren't good enough to post so I'll leave you with my best attempt at capturing that gorgeous AUBURN sky we in the upper deck were blessed with that night!
War Eagle my friends. Here's to a great season.....
PS- a quick tid bit of info, if you heard that awesome song while waking into the stadium last weekend here's a link to it. I can't get find it to put on my playlist but it's by our very own Travis Williams called "Tiger Walk."


Joy said...

Cute little tigers. Ummmm.....wonder who the visitor is, listed in the live feed, from Magnolia, Arkansas. Anybody know anyone from there?

Kim Lawson said...

Ahhh, did I see a "Linda Lowery original" in one of the pics? ;) Love it!!

Kim Lawson said...

Ahhh, is that a "Linda Lowery" original I see in one of the pics? So cute! You know people are gonna start asking "Is that a new Linda you have there?" ;)

Kim Lawson said...

hey, if you got my comment like 10,000 times, it's because blogger kept kicking me out for some reason! Sorry if I congested your inbox! LOL

Kim Lawson said...

You are sooo funny!!