Sunday, October 23, 2011

And Up Next was...Hollywood Studios

So the last park we had left to visit was Hollywood Studios (which I still call MGM on occasion out of habit).

 Just thought this was a cute and colorful one of my girlies at Downtown Disney.
 Here was our pack mule for the trip. Aunt Wendy let us borrow her cool backpack and Alex ended up wearing it most of the time. He was not thrilled at how "girly" it was but he still took one for the team, manned up and toted that thing all over Disney World. Thanks Daddy!! (and Wendy)
 Waitin' around on the Muppets 3D show. We love that one too. The little furry fella in the middle is Catty and he pretty much goes everywhere with Ms. Gracie. It is a miracle he made it back from Disney!!
 The Rockin' Roller Coaster Guitar. We didn't get to ride b/c the twins were just barely too small so we didn't want to ride w/out them. We love it but we'll just hit it on the next time around!!
 The Fam!
 The Girls!
 Acting like Star Wars Action Figures. Pretty cute ones don't ya think?? (notice Catty again-she gets around)
 Posing outside of the Stunt Show. My girls absolutely loved it. Ya can't say they aren't well rounded. They did actually get a little of their daddy's love for vehicles too!!
Cool shot of a car in the air.
 The actual Hen House from the Hannah Montana movie, in case you didn't know. That really was a pretty cute movie if I do say so myself!
 Trying to stay dry on the Back Lot Tour.
 Watching one of those entertaining Disney parades while eating our Popsicles to stay cool and refreshed.
 Who doesn't love the movie UP? I just love how everything is so colorful and magical (it must be the kid in me)!
 The Beauty and the Beast show was really good too! We had never seen that one before and it was worth the wait!
 Gotta have a shot of the Magic Hat!
 The New American Idol show was really cool and actual people really do compete each day. We got to vote and everything. My girls were in hog heaven!
 See how excited Maggie was?!?!!
Groovin' to the music waiting for the show to start....

Ok, so I'm almost finished. I have a few random shots I want to post and then we will be finished with the 2011 Hicks Disney Extravaganza!!


Kim Lawson said...

Love all the Disney posts! Looks like you all had a complete blast! I especially love the the pics of Nana in the race car, the girls with Alex in the pool and playing the drums, you in the Yeti wig,Stars Wars Action Figures picture and of course, the reappearance of Catty! Ok. Ok. So I loved all the pics!! :)