Friday, October 21, 2011

Animal Kindgom

I know this is the longest trip to Disney anyone has ever blogged about but I have to finish out our trip before I can move on. There's so much on my mind lately and this time of year although beautiful and full of fall fun brings it's own heaviness to it also for me. BUT this post is about my sweet family's adventure into the Animal Kingdom.....
 Our Jungle attire.
 My twins rode Mount Everest. It wasn't their favorite but they did it and lived to tell about it.
 Here's me before I do my hair in the mornings. Haha. No I'm just dressed at the Yeti from Mount Everest!
I think the Lion King show is my favorite in all the parks! It's amazing! and so beautifully done!

The family that plays together stays together!

 The Nemo show runs a close second to my favorite shows. The colors in this one are so pretty!
 My little wild animals hanging out, taking a little jungle break!
 It sure is tough being a bug. That show always cracks me up!!
And finally the Tree of Life!