Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Here's a picture of what Al and Lump look like after riding. Nice huh?
Alex looks likes he's been in battle in Iraq or something. One thing is for sure; they had fun.
Yesterday my lovely little angels were back at work finding something to destroy. This time it was the pitiful little rubber tree plant from my bedroom. I had put it outside to see if it would perk up and it did. Or well it had till Dr. CP and her associates went to work on it. Needless to say, it has NO leaves anymore at all. Mom said they had fun though. I'm not sure if that makes it ok but they should do good in science when it comes to the anatomy of a plant.
The last picture is from last night. We FINALLY got some great rain that we so deperately needed. My water meter can take a break for a while. However, as I've stated before, my twinnies do NOT like "tunda" as they call it. They get really scared and anxious. As you can see Mags had to bury herself under a blanket in my lap. She covered her entire head but then realized that she couldn't see the TV that way so made a little hole for her face. What a hoot!!!
Tomorrow is the
4th of July so I'm sure we'll have some more stories to share. Take care everyone and be safe around fireworks.

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Kim Lawson said...

Great pic of Alex and Lumpy!

Maggie is a rotten, cutie patootie!