Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's Done! Almost.

Well, It's almost over. We have officially moved out of the house and our stuff is either in Walker or Shelby county(Some is at Al's parents and some is at mine). We are all very very tired and worn out. A sincere Thank You to ALL who helped especially Uncle Lumpy (or to the twins Uncle "Dumpy"). We could not have done it without all of you! All we have left is to get the papers signed bright and early Monday morning.
This picture of the girls was taken last weekend at The Dodson girls' birthday party. Don't they look like angels?? Looks can be deceiving ya know. I love 'em, more than life itself but man they get into everything, especially with their ring leader Clara Paige. They didn't know what to think about the house being empty today. Gracie walked into her room and asked me where her toys were. She led me into her room by the hand and said, " Mommy, My woom is just so emty." However, they enjoyed getting to run around the house without any furniture in it. Kim Lawson brought us lunch and helped us clean some today so while she was there my girls and hers played a game of Lawson vs. Hicks Hide-n-go Seek. Not sure who won but boy they had fun.
Well I'm pooped and think I'm going to put the munchkins to bed and get ready for another day of unpacking and sorting out.


Kim Lawson said...

Hey girl! I know you guys are completely and totally "pooped". I will email you the pics I took on moving day! Hope to see you soon and do our lunch thing again!

Aunt Joy said...

I know you are glad it is over! We will miss you in T-town.I have some beautiful great nieces!