Sunday, July 15, 2007


OK First things first!! We have sold the house and we are moving two Friday's from now!!!! YEAH! All your prayers and thoughts have been answered. THANK YOU! It's all happened very fast and my head is still swimming but I could not be happier! We close on July 31st!!!!! Yep that is in like two weeks. So we'll have to say goodbye to this home that has been so good to us and say hello to the rest of mine and Alex's dreams and plans for our family! God bless all those that we will be leaving but we'll keep in touch with all of you. We love you even if there is just too much Crimson and White here for us Tigers!
So we are working on potty training as you can see. It's going well but very very slowly.
Maggie as you can see here is doing pretty well. Gracie is taking a bit longer to get into the idea. I hope the move doesn't set us back any.
Our next exhibit shows what 3 little girls can do to a Mommy's closet in the blink of an eye. Actually mom tells me that they had been playin in my shoes which is not at all uncommon. However, they came to her so proud of themselves because they had "put my shoes up." That actually meant piling them up into two huge shoe piles in the corners of my closet. I suppose its the thought that counts. And I suppose they get their shoe fetish honestly! It's a girl thing.
And Finally here is a picture of my angels playing "Necia" or to those of you who don't get it "Hair Dresser." Maggie, in the front, has on a little house coat the goes to one of CP's teddy bears. It's on backwards b/c its her "cape" to keep the hair off of her clothes. Smart little boogers aren't they?
One last thing. We had to run out to Belk yesterday b/c I was a doofus and forgot my shirts while in Bham. While we were there with the twins, a nice older couple stopped and said, "Oh look its little twins" to which our Maggie puts her arms out and says, "TA DA!" Oh the memories we have. Have a great week everyone and keep the prayers coming. I have a feeling we will be needing them for the next few weeks!!!!
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Joy said...

I will miss you being close by in Tuscaloosa. I hope the kids will stay close. I love hearing John Brady saying Maggie and Gracie's name in that special way that lets you know they like each other! Keep up the blog!!!!
Aunt Joy