Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hi everyone. I must admit that this week has been kinda nice not having to go to work. We haven't been up to too much. It's been so stinkin' hot it's hard to get out and do anything. The girls have played in their swimming pool but we even do that early in the morning before it gets too steamy outside.
One funny thing that happened recently is that apparently my mom has a new name. Most of you know that the girls call her "Nana." Well mom made Gracie mad the other day (probably putting her down for a nap or something) and Gracie says to her, "NO NO!! NANNY NANNY!!!" We aren't sure where the Nanny came from but they all use it now on occasion. Gracie really uses it when she's mad at mom. It's pretty funny.
Also, the girls have been pretending a lot lately. The most recent craze it pretending to be Emma and Abby Lawson. At one point they all came running up stairs yelling, "Abby Abby where are you?" Cute huh?
Well we are venturing down to the loveliest village this weekend for Auburn's Fan Day. We are very excited! We love going to Auburn. In a way it's like going home for us. Clara Paige can not wait. She asks every day how many more days she has. We are staying with James and Linda Clemens and CP loves them to death. They are so sweet to open up their house to us. James is like my second dad and all. I think Mom and Dad might bring the twins down on Saturday, which happens to be mom's birthday. Maggie has also been talking about going to see Aubie. It should be a great weekend for us! I'll be sure to report back on that next week.
Hopefully I can put some more pictures up soon too. We still don't have our own computer up and running so I'm using my parents for the moment. So, maybe next week I'll have some great AU shots for all you Tigers. And for all my Ttown buddies, just hang in there b/c you know to love me is to love Auburn!!


Kim Lawson said...

Fuuny how they are pretending to be Emma and Abby!! Emma and Abby talk about CP and the twins, too! Even John Brady calls for "Cara Paige"!