Monday, August 27, 2007

Last week as unemployed

So I start my new job next Tuesday. I'm excited but a little bummed that I have to actually start working again. It will be nice to have some scheduled days again but I'm definitely not one to have to have a job to feel accomplished!! Being a great mom is surely more defining for me.
ANYWAY, I was in Emily Jones' wedding last Friday night and it was a very pretty classy occasion. She looked the part of a beautiful bride and if you know Emily she deserved HER day more than most. I also got to spend some really great time with some very precious friends from my "growing-up" days. It was sooooo wonderful seeing Bethany, Katy, Emily C and her whole family and more. We spent some fun time reminiscing about old times and all the fun we had growing up. We all grew up at Homewood Church of Christ together and those are days that I will never forget. However, I would like to forget how terribly bad my feet hurt from those shoes we had to wear. They were pretty but I have never ever felt such pain while trying to stand up straight, smile, hold flowers and concentrate on not fainting (it was hot in the auditorium). Over all it was a great time for all though. Good luck to Emily and Jeff.
Clara Paige did ask why they had such a teeny tiny kiss though. Ahh the minds of little ones!! I think she thought "the Kiss" was the whole reason for the shindig in the first place.
I will be sure to post some pics from the wedding soon.


Laurie said...

I like your blog's name. I think we must have been feeling about the same way when we created our blogs. :)
Take care,
Laurie from Oxford, MS