Thursday, August 2, 2007

Go Away!

Last night we went to Church w/mom and dad. The girls really seem to love bible classes at Riverchase but it always takes the twins a few minutes to settle in. Mom stayed with them until their teachers arrived. Their teachers for Wednesday night are the Watts. You know TYLER and his wife. They really are nice and great people but Maggie was sitting down working on her puzzle and Tyler sat down beside her. He was trying to play with her and get her to smile when she pointed at him and told him matter-of-factly, "You go away!" Mom said it was funny! I suppose the orange and blue blood runs deeper than we thought! Haha. Just kidding! She really is a hoot.
Today mom is working and I'm here with the girls all day. I'm sure I'll stay busy all day long keeping them out of trouble. Gracie has already cleaned mom's picture with a wipe, Maggie has pretended to throw up in the bathroom, and CP has written her name on about 20 0f Pappy's index cards. It's only 9:47am. Pray for us. :)
Love to all!!