Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Blues!!

Well, Ok it's been a few days or so since my last blog. I've kinda been out of the Christmas spirit and Blogging mood lately. To recap the last few weeks, I wrecked my van, my dad had a wreck the same day, Alex got a speeding ticket, we had some minor repairs done to the rental van and I had to drive a 1996 Explorer that requires some TLC to get it going. Everyone involved in the wrecks were ok and that is most important but it can put a damper on Glad Tiding and Cheer. I would like to send out a Great Big Thanks to Vince and Cil Trapeano for letting us borrow the Explorer!!

These pictures are just some random ones that I thought were pretty cute. Mags is dressed up like the Queen she thinks she is. Gracie Goose is ready for the cold weather we've been waiting for. And CP is dressed as the aspiring Ballerina she wants to be. Well, she really just likes to get dressed up.

I hope everyone is having a much better and safer Holiday Season than we are. It's getting better though. I'm ready for presents and eggnog and candy canes so I guess my Spirits are getting better!!

I'll try to post some pics of the Gardendale Christmas parade we were in last week soon too!!


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