Saturday, December 8, 2007

Kids and Christmas Card Pictures!

Well here are some of our attempts at taking pictures for our Christmas card this year. It's always a wonderful and delightful experience for all involved. Ok so I am soooo using sarcasm right now. We did get a couple of cute ones out of the bunch but you'll just have to wait to see our card for those. I think Gracie is actually sneezing in the picure above. Nice huh?

This was our silly face picture. Nice tonsils Clara Paige.

I do like this one. Gives the illusion that I have 3 quiet and demure little girls that are just gently putting ornaments on the tree. Ha! Looks can be so deceiving. Especially on this day! They have been pretty good to not destroy the tree this year I will have to admit.

And I think Gracie just might have seen Santa flying over in this one. Either that or she's catching flies! What a bunch of cuties. I love 'em to death no matter how hard they are to photograph together. Maybe next year I'll just do single shots and collage them together or something.
Love to all and Happy Holidays!!

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Courtney & Dave Long said...

So cute! i love the one with the 3 of them on their elbows! i know ya'll will have a fun christmas this year - perfect ages!

Aunt Joy said...

As usual, sweet pictures of my beautiful great nieces!

aunt joy said...

I got my Christmas card yesterday. I loved it. I love getting picture Christmas cards almost as much as i love reading these blogs!