Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Here are the promised pictures from the Gardendale Christmas Parade a few weeks ago. It is a night parade so all the lights make it so pretty and more fun for the girls.
We were the last parade entry before the BIG guy came rolling in on a huge Firetruck! The girls loved it but the siren was a little loud. It was actually a rather cold night too despite our tropical December we have had this year. We are riding a cute Train that Alex's dad made out of an old Mail Jeep and flatbed trailers. It really is quite a nice parade ride especially with all the cute train occupants.

I am very proud to tell you too that we were the Crowd Favorite of the night! I mean who else would they have picked?? The cutest little elves in the counry were riding it!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!
You better be good, Santa's still watching!


Aunt Joy said...

Of course you were the crowd favorite!!!!! I can't imagine why.