Monday, December 31, 2007

More Holidays...

Just thought I would share some more Christmas pictures with everyone. Here are a few of CP and Gracie playing the part of Cute Little Elf in front of the Fireplace.
What a cutie!
Here's one of Me and Gracie at the parade. What a fun memory.
And finally one of Mags looking full of Holiday spirit.

I do have one funny thing to share. The other night Gracie and I were hanging out on my bed watching TV. Somehow through conversation (remember with a 3 year old) I called her my Little Sweetheart. Gracie hates anything with the word little in it. So, she proceeds to tell me that she is not a little sweethear but that I am. So I play the game and say, "Yes you are." Well little Grace took more offense to this than I thought and hauled off and clocked me on the arm (something we are "working" on these days). So I go into MOMMY mode and give her a real stern explanation that she is not to hit me or anyone. THEN, my sweet Gracie looks at me and shrugs her shoulders as if she is 12 years old instead of 3 and says, "Mom, I'm not perfect!" I guess she told me.
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courtney said...

where do they get this stuff?? too funny!