Sunday, June 1, 2008

And Finally Animal Kingdom

And even more Disney. Although you may be tired of it by now. Well, I just had so many darn pictures to share. Here are my girlies beside the Tigers in Asia.
And here's one of the Tigers that actually looked in our direction. They were pretty lazy when we were there but they are so amazing and beautiful to me!
Daddy (Alex) with his Bug's Life 3D glasses on. He makes a cute bug don't you think?
And the girls LOVED getting their faces painted. It took a lot of effort to actually find the face painting station but it was worth it. Nana even overheard them pretending to paint each other's faces the other day.
Well, this picture may not be the best but I just had to share one with them in their Mouse Ears!! You just can't go to Disney and not get Disney Ears!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the mouse ears, but really love Alex and the bugs glasses!