Monday, June 9, 2008

Just for Fun! & ya might learn something...

* Maybe I should... pray more.
* I love the smell of... clean babies and fresh bread.
* People would say that I... am a loyal friend, passionate about my family and hard to get to know.
* I don’t understand why... people ride the merging lanes on the interstates to the very very end.
* When I wake up in the morning... I am not usually a happy person.
* I lost my will power to.. stop drinking Cokes. Just addicted I guess.
* Life is wonderful with... family that you love dearly.
* My past made me... a very well rounded individual.
* I get annoyed when... my girls make multiple messes in the house.
* Parties are not... something I go to often.
* Dogs are... always gonna be happy to see you when you come home!
* Cats… are fine too but more sneaky.
* Tomorrow I am going to… work. Yippeeeee!!!!!!!! Catch the sarcasm???
* I have a low tolerance for...stupidity and lack of compassion.
* I'm totally terrified of... letting people down and driving/riding on the cliffs in Gatlinburg. Ask Alex.
* Never in my life...did I think I would have twins! But I'm so glad I did!!
* High school was something that...I remember fondly but definitely not the best years of my life. I live in the present and it is so blessed!!
* When I'm nervous... my legs shake like I'm freezing.
* Take my advice... send your babies to the nursery at night in the hospital when they are born, enjoy everyday as much as possible and remember that we are never guaranteed a tomorrow.
* Making my bed is… something I have NEVER enjoyed or been good at. Great example for my girls huh???
* I'm almost always... content with where I am in life and what I have been blessed with.
* I'm addicted to… Coke-A-Cola and my family, ok, and maybe this blog. Hee Hee.
* I want someone... to think of me as a person who made their life sunny and not stormy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe you might have learned a little bit about me. I hope you might be inspired to do the same. It's a great way to look inside yourself and see what's really there! I hope you find good things.


Anonymous said...

You and your family always make us smile! And I'm right there with you...addicted to the blog! :o)