Thursday, June 12, 2008

Twin Anxiety

OK, so they look like little rag muffins in this particular picture but I have to tell you this funny story from Monday. Again mom and I attempted to do a little shopping with my 3 little munchkins. Always a load of fun and surprises and well lots of frustration too, lets be honest.

In the van I hear Maggie tell Gracie, "Gracie you're Ugly." Well, Gracie cries and I am just horrified at what I heard. So I get onto Mags telling her that it just not nice at all and that it doesn't make sense since they are twins and well ,they look just alike! At that Gracie announces that she is NOT A TWIN. So me and mom talk to her and tell her she is a twin. (They know this and have known that they are twins for a long time.) Gracie then lets us know that she doesn't want to be a twin anymore. So, there at 3 1/2 years old it starts, not wanting to be a twin. I wondered how long that would take but WOW, at 3 1/2???
So fast forward to later on in the day. We were at Kohl's Dept. store looking around in the kids section. It's been quite an exhausting day of rationalizing, fussing, fighting, crying, laughing, potty trips, bribery and all sorts of fun stuff. So I'm looking for CP some clothes and mom has all 3 of the girls just down the isle. And this is what I hear, "Nana, I think I'm starting to be a twin again." Hahahaa. Did you know twins could decide when they get to be twins and when they don't? Neither did I but apparently in Gracie's book that's how it works. I guess she got over being mad at her sissy.
Too funny. You gotta love kids.


Kim Lawson said...

Oh goodness, Michele, I wonder how many times you will have to go through that over the years!! Maybe just 20 years or so??!!