Monday, August 11, 2008

School thoughts...

I couldn't comment in the post below and it show the slide shows at the same time so I'll do it here and you can scan down to see my Big Girl going to school. It just does not seem like 5 1/2 years have gone by since my Clara Paige was born. She did so great the 1st day of school. And surprisingly I did well too. I had my "Mommy cry" the night before. The letting go part is the hardest however, I am so very proud of her and can't wait to see how much she learns this year. Alex and I both are happy with her teacher and think the school year will be a blast for our Clara Paige. We love you sweetie and you'll always be my Baby Girl!!!!

So, moms out there, if you've already gone through this you know what I mean. If your gonna be there soon, just remember that time goes by with each blink of an eye and before you know it your babies will start school and grow up before your eyes. Just enjoy it and love each and every moment of their adorable lives. I look forward to the future that lies ahead for my girls and our family even if it hurts inside a little bit every now and then. It's worth it!!!


Kim Lawson said...

Love the slide shows! I know Clara Paige has already won her Ms. Cunningham's heart with her beautiful smile and beautiful personality!

Rhonda Bryant said...

Hey Michelle,
I am Rhonda Bryant used to be Rhonda Murray. Best friends with Alison (Barnett) Murphy. She told me about your blog. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! Just a beautiful family! Mom and dad were over here and I showed them the photos of your parents and mom (Jean Murray) was so excited to see pics of your mom! She was telling me about their bowling days! Too Funny!!! I have enjoyed so much reading your blog! I have 2 girls Bailee is 10 and Brooklyn is 4. When Brooklyn goes to school I am going to have a very hard time! She is the baby. I know so much how you are feeling, it is hard to let them go! I LOVE the slideshow and pics!
Have a great night!
Rhonda Bryant

hicksfamilycircus said...

Oh Rhonda. I so remember you and your adorable smile and laugh. Please do tell your mom we said hello and give hugs to everyone. Thank you so much for commenting. What a nice surprise to hear from you.