Friday, August 15, 2008

My Poor Girl

Well, here's a fast update. Clara Paige loves school and has done exceptionally well. She even got to paint first one day b/c her teacher said she had behaved the best. She's told us about art, music, the gym, lunch time, nap time and sang a song to us that she learned.
However, she told me on the way home from church Wed. night, that she tripped in the lunch room and dropped her tray AND had to go see the nurse for ice to put on her elbow. She seemed fine and like it did not faze her. I was chokin' back the tiny tear that filled my eye b/c I felt so sorry for her.
So yesterday, she comes home in the extra clothes I had sent to school for her. (They were too small by the way-good job Mommy) My sweet CP had thrown up at school and obviously did not feel very well. I think the teacher must have thought that she choked on her lunch or something according to CP.
All of that so say that my girl is home sick today. She has some kind of virus or bug. We aren't even through the first full week of school and we're staying home sick. Just pray we don't all get it.


Kim Lawson said...

Oh, poor thing! Bless her little heart. Your post almost made me cry. :( Hope she gets to feeling better real soon!

Anonymous said...

She'll be better soon. Look at it this way...she can get everything out of her system the first week and it'll be a breeze the rest of the year :o)

Lana said...

The good thing is she seems to be just rolling with it. Hope she gets better soon. Glad it hasn't been a hard week for ya!