Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yep they're sick too...

Well everyone pray the twins get better quick. They have come down with whatever CP had. So I have an appt. tomorrow a.m. with our doctor (Dr. Jason Todd). They don't seem to have it as badly as Clara did but the kicker is that Mags and Gracie are suppose to leave tomorrow with Alex to head down to the beach to meet up with his parents. Me and CP are going to hang back here since we have school and work. However, if my girlies are too sick they might have to miss out on the trip too. That would be terrible. So, I'm off to do a little packing and praying myself.
Don't worry about me and CP. We have a fun girls weekend planned if it all works out. Plus there might be another beach trip around the corner too!! Ya never know around here.