Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Golf Cart Story!

Well this is the damage from the outside. A few weekends ago Wendi and I ventured out to have a Yard Sale at her house. Long story short as I can make it, this is what I hear from our house as I was in Wendi's driveway. "BAM!" Then I hear Alex say, "You didn't hear that did you? " Next I hear him mutter something about a door. So I hit it running across the street yelling, "What Did You Do?" (It's not an easy run either. Up hill all the way.) So above is what I see as I come running around the corner. I was so out of breath and just shocked all I could do was lay out on the hood of my mom's van. This is the view from inside. Alex had been "working" on our golf cart for several days getting it fixed and in shape for the AU game coming up. However, he did something to it and it took off full speed BY ITSELF toward our garage door. He says he jumped out to catch it but it knocked him back. Are you laughing yet?? I was NOT at the time but everyone else that saw it did. Later I even caught Wendi's husband Todd secretly laughing inside his house he was so amused at our misfortune. What can you do but laugh at a story like that? Thank the Lord that the door was closed and there were no kids around. He felt terrible about it but well what can I say??

Below is the culprit that destroyed our garage door. But hey, at least it looks good! If we only could have caught it on video. Man I can't believe we missed that $10,000 and a chance to be on TV.

And then the Calvary showed up the next weekend. Thanks Uncle Lumpy #1 for helping Al put up the new door and well #2 for working at a Garage Door Distributor.

Oh the days of our lives! The new one is up now and looks great! We've been super busy lately so I have other posts to make this week and then its off to support the Tigers in their opening game next Saturday! WAR EAGLE!!


Anonymous said...

What a great yardsale...with your garage door and my table. Part of what what makes our friendship such fun :o) We missed ya'll this weekend. Hope it was well for you.