Saturday, October 4, 2008

I wanna be like Mike....

I really do want to one day have the conviction and faith that this man does. To those of you that do not know him, his name is Mike Waldrop. He is one of the most influential people that I have ever been lucky enough to have in my life. He was my youth minister when I was a teenager and was my boss when I was a student at Auburn. I even babysat his beautiful children when I was at AU. He ranks right up there with my parents and my husband and kids when it comes to being special to me. He wasn't just a youth minister, he was the best youth minister! Anyway, the day of the AU/LSU game Mike was given a chance for a new happy ending in his life and me and my family couldn't be more happy for him and his new bride, Rene. Mike works at the university and Rene is a big LSU fan. Cute huh? The reception was at the Quad center and it was a tailgating reception. Ever been to one of those? Me either but I have now and it was great!!

The cute couple!! Mike and Rene.
My girlies enjoying the awesome food.
Me, Mike and my girls!
There is a cute story to this also. This is a story straight from Mike so I hope I don't mess it up. Coach Tubberville just happens to go to the church that Mike goes to (& I went to) in Auburn. Mike also works in admissions (also were I worked once upon a time) so coach and Mike know each other. So, Coach comes up to them in church one day and Rene asks him what time the LSU game is. He tells her that it's the prime time game. And Rene and Mike are happy b/c it won't interfere w/ the wedding and reception times. When they tell coach this he scrunches up his face and says to them, "Are you crazy?" Because who would get married on the AU/LSU game day!? I had thought that too but let me tell you, it seemed to have gone wonderful and will always be such a special memory for them and us all. I'm so glad I had my camera with me.

Thanks Mike for being such a wonderful example to me always through everything. We love you and your new wifey. She seems to be a sweetheart and is blessed to have you in her life.
Love you, Shelly!!