Saturday, October 18, 2008

Watch then Read!!!

It started out so innocent. Just a cute video of my girls playing and spraying each other in the driveway. Then it all went south so quickly. Yeah, that was our dog roaming the neighborhood. Call her Kelsey or Houdini but she somehow escaped that day. I'm still not sure how she got past us but she ended up in the driveway of the house you see in the video. So, I ran across the street to get her. Our sweet, dingy dog was just happily visiting the doggies across the street. The other dogs however were not so happy about her unannounced arrival. I had to drag her across the street. She dug in her heels so much I had to pick up her front paws and walk her across the street. Picture it. Funny huh? I'm sooooo glad no one got that on video!!