Friday, October 10, 2008

My little Mechanics

This is how I found my twinlings the other day. I knew they were in the garage but I didn't know they were actually doing "garage" work. I asked them what they were doing and they just simply replied, "we are workin on the Barbie Jeep!" Maggie was cleaning it and Gracie was actually scooting herself up under it to "work" on it. Notice Daddy's tools that they confiscated from one of the tool boxes. And did you notice that they just happen to have on their Fairy dresses? Gracie even has on her "lovely" red Dorothy shoes. Yeah, we are raising them to be REALLLLLLY well rounded. Fairy wings and ratchet sets go together don't they?
So, one day you might just find yourself pulling up to G&M Auto Center if their careers in Law or Medicine don't work out!! ;)
PS- Please over look the nastiness you might see in our garage. I'd like to say it's not always that way but well that might be lying so I'll just plead the 5th!!


Tesney said...

Do you know how relieved I am to see a garage that isn't perfect??? I feel like ours is so gross and everyone else's is all organized. Ours is a WRECK. I've stopped trying because Greg destroys it everytime I get it cleaned out. MEN!

Kim Lawson said...

Those two are the best looking mechanics I've ever seen! And about the garage---It's no fun to play in a garage that's all neat and organized!!

Anonymous said...

They can work on the caddy anytime!

Courtney Long said...

precious picture! such beautiful little girls. :)