Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Punkin' Paintin'

CP was out of school October 13th so we went to her friend Lilly's Pumpkin Painting Party. It was lots of fun and her mommy put in lots and lots of work. There were adorable snacks and tons of decorations for the pumpkins.

Here are Picasso Clara and Rembrandt Keely Strickland making their Pumpkin masterpieces! Notice that Lilly's mommy was even prepared with old T-shirts for the painting part. Smart Mommy!

Here are the girls with their buddy Conner Ball.
This was just a cute picture I got of my Clara after the painting and decorating was done. It was a great time with great friends.


Joy said...

What a great idea for a fall party.
Aunt Joy

courtney said...

wow - she looks so big. hope to see ya'll at granny's.