Monday, July 23, 2007

New Update!

I know it gets boring without pictures but we are so crazy busy and so much going on just no time and opportunity to work on it. I promise to do better once we get all moved in with my parents. OK New Update time: the closing has been officially moved to Monday, July 30th so my last day at work will be that day too. It's getting sad the closer we get to vacating Ttown but there's just really no time to think much about it. Maybe that's a good thing. No time to get too weepy.
I am, however, very excited to get to spend so much more time with my girlies in the next few weeks. I'll be working on finding a new job in Bham but I am so looking forward to having some time off to just let my poor brain relax for a while. I can focus on those precious little girls so much more and give my mom a well deserved break!!

This past weekend was jam packed too so we still have lots of packing to do before Friday. We went to Bailey and Emily Dodson's birthday party on Saturday which was a ton of fun. Clara Paige and I spent the night with them too which is always a fun treat for CP and Mommy. On Sunday we headed to a bridal shower for a long time friend of mine, Emily Jones. I'm actually in the wedding also in August so that should be fun too. The shower went fine and CP ate a bucket load of chocolate covered strawberries. Well that should get you all caught up and I'll be back soon to keep you up on all the news.