Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter at Ganny's(that's what the twins call her)

These are pictures of our Easter Celebration at my Granny's house (my mom's mom). We have such a large family and it's always so great to get to see everyone. My Granny has close to 15 or so Great-grandbabies!

Here's my Gracie with her Easter Basket looking for some eggs.
Here's Mags lookin for some eggs too! They really seemed to get the concept of hunting eggs more this year.
Here's my Twinkies. Were you paying attention? Can you tell who's who??
My girls love the Lawson girls and I'm so happy that they are so close even though they don't get to see each other very often. We love ya Emma & Abby. See you soon.
And here's my Clara Paige. Can you tell by the smile that she must have found an egg with some good loot in it??

Honestly I was feeling pretty awful this day but I can always take a moment to smile with one of my girlies!

And finally a pic of my three sweetie bugs.
Next up: Easter at MeMe's House.