Monday, April 28, 2008

A day at the Gardens

Last Friday we went to Aldridge Gardens with Kim Lawson and her kidos, who just happen to be our cousins. We all had a blast!!! If you read Kim's blog too you may have already seen some pictures that seem very similar to these, and a great picture of my hind end, thanks Kim. We did seem to get shots of the same things. However, it was so nice to get to visit and play on a beautiful Friday.
Here's all the girls. Not sure where John Brady was during this one. Don't we have such adorable children??
Oh, here he is! We all got to see the family of Canadian Geese but JB wanted to see them up close and personal. Mama Goose wasn't too fond of that though.
We played ball, ran, ate a snack with some rather too friendly geese, fed the fish and turtles and just enjoyed the whole time together.
Here's my twinkies lovin' on each other. They do love on each other every once in a while.
Once we got through at the park we ate some lunch and headed to our house. We caught Mags and JB coloring together. Notice who loves the camera?????
I did catch one of them deep in coloring action. Thanks guys for such a wonderful day. I am so very happy that we are family and also friends. Love you all.

I took lots of pics so I may put together a slide show if I have time. Time seems to be the major factor these days.


Kim Lawson said...

We had a great time! We will do it again soon! Brady LOVED the picture with John Brady wearing the wings! Hee! Hee! I thought he was such a pretty butterfly!