Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Proud Mama!

Ok I'm at work so I have to report this quickly and I'll edit this later and give more details but I am just so proud of my little Clara Bug that I have to share. We have to go this morning to get her shots (immunizations) so we can register her for Kindergarten. (Yeah I know that's a whole different issue for me right now.) Anyway, I went round and round since I have not picked out a pediatrician yet trying to get these shots done. LOOONNNNGGG story short, we ended up at the Shelby Co. Health Dept. And before you all scrunch up your noses as I was prepared to do, it was not so bad. It was clean, nice and friendly. Anyway, my baby had to get 4 shots all at one time. Two in each arm. I was so very nervous for her. As I said I will share more with you later but Clara Paige Hicks did not shed one tear at all. She was a brave little soldier and I could not be more proud of her today. Way to Go CP!!!!!
Check back for the update and maybe a picture of her and her war wounds!!