Monday, April 7, 2008

Shopping is not fun anymore!!

Looking at this picture is very deceiving. They look like 3 loving and adorable sisters but put them on a Sunday afternoon shopping trip and who knows what will come flying out of their mouths! Yes, that is what me and mom attempted to do yesterday. Some days they are alright when we all go out together. Yesterday was not the case. Aside from me wrestling Maggie out of the store while she is SCREAMING her head off b/c she will not ride in a buggy, I will only tell the funny stuff. FYI-it was one of those moments where I wanted to melt into the floor while I was walking past all the people. You mothers out there know the feeling, don't pretend you don't.
Anyway, the car rides were the funniest. At one point CP got really grumpy and was complaining about her booster seat rubbing her shorts the wrong way (and her). She couldn't quite get out what she wanted to say and so here is what we heard, "My Shorts are Driving Me The NUTS!!!" Me and Mom snickered at her and she got all fussy b/c we were laughing at her. I asked her later if her shorts were ok and she smiled as if there were never anything wrong and said, "Snug as a bug." ??? Girls!!!!
Also we heard, "I'm Trying to READ!" which was funny b/c it was Gracie. She can't read!! But she thinks she can. But her complaint came b/c Maggie had a spatula (don't ask) and was tapping her with it. She tapped once too hard so Nana had to fuss at her. We had told the girls if they would act better we would take them for ice cream (I know, bribery, but it works). So, at this point we hear CP say to Maggie, "Yep, there goes your ice cream out the window. Watch it fly!" I wish you could have heard it. It was hilarious. But we did end up getting ice cream and the journey, although exhausting, ended on a good note.
Mom and I are so brave we think we'll try it again today.


Kim Lawson said...

Wish I could have been there to her those girls!!

courtney said...

haha. always love your stories!