Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Generics/Genetics- It's all Relative!!

Ok so here is my best rendition of a conversation Al had with his mom yesterday. Since I'm away from my pictures at the moment I thought I'd share b/c for some reason Alex and I think it was funny. Sorry Mary, hope you can enjoy the laugh too. It just sounded too cute not to post. It's like a glimps into the relationship b/w a son and his mom.

NOTE: This is paraphrased as I was not actually there for the conversation:

Alex: "Mom, I went to the doctor and my Cholestorol is a little high."
Mary, Al's Mom: "Oh well that's just Generic."
Alex: "Huh, you mean Genetic?"
Mary: "Yeah, that's what I said, Generic."
Alex: "Mom, the word is Genetic! Generic is what Michele buys at the Grocery store."
Mary: "Gener, Gene, oh whatever. You can eat oatmeal. It will lower your cholestorol. It's easy, you just mix it and heat it in the microwave."
Alex: "Oh ok, I guess I'll just do that and heat it up in my microwave I have in my car." (Note this was sarcasm and Alex travels everyday, all day in his company car.)
Alex: "No Mom. I was just joking."

I promise this was a real conversation and was not adapted from a script of some TV comdey or anything like that. My mother-in-law is an intelligent and loving woman. I just thought this was too adorable not to share. Hope I'm not in trouble now. If you see this post disappear then you'll know.


Robby and Rachel said...

That is hilarious! Too precious not to post:)

Cassie said...

That would so be a conversation between me and my mom as well!!! :) Love it!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That is a conversation I can see happening with Todd's mom, too. Now that I think about it, possibly my mom also :o)