Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayer Request

More sadness seems to have made it's way around here. Please put in your prayers the family of Brad Carpenter. Brad passed away last night from some kind of cardiac arrest or blood clot.
We went to Auburn with Brad and Karen (Caples) Carpenter and attended the Auburn Christian Student Center together. Also they ended up in Tuscaloosa while we were there and we attended church together. Brad was very close to our age and he and Karen have two precious little boys. This was (like my dad) totally unexpected and sudden. Some of you may know Brad and Karen and some of you may not but do know that his family is hurting tremendously right now. No one wants to lose anyone they love but it's especially so hard to explain and understand when some one has to leave us so suddenly and so young. Brad always seemed happy and always smiled, again like my dad. As I'm sure you might have figured out this has affected me greatly and has made those painful feelings from my dad's death more raw again. My heart aches for Karen. I know that pain and it's like the worst nightmare you can imagine but only while you are awake.
I have to say too, I can't tell you how many of our AU family I have talked to, heard from, gotten emails from about this. It's a family that only the lucky get to experience. We rally that's for sure.
Agian, please pray that Christ comforts her as much as possible!


Michael said...

Today has been a really tough day, especially at church tonight. So many of us (our Men's Group) have kids the same age as Phillip and Evan and it BREAKS my heart to think that there is a chance that the boys may have no real memories of their dad. It is up to us to keep Brad's memory alive, even though he has gone home.

We miss you guys a lot! The girls are getting SOOO big!

hicksfamilycircus said...

We miss you guys too Michael. I almost can't get this out of my head. Karen is lucky to have a support system in you guys. Hope to see you soon. - Michele

Kim Lawson said...

Since talking with you yesterday, this has weighed so heavily on mine and Brady's hearts. Everytime I think of this, I visualize the Brad and Karen with their precious boys sitting a few rows ahead of us at church. Karen and the boys are definitely in my prayers. And you, as well. Love you!