Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guitar Superchicks

A couple of weekends ago Me and CP spent the night with Rachel and her family. Obviously it was right after Christmas hence the decor but it was so cute to watch Emily and my Clara play Guitar Heroes. I have an adorable video that the computer refuses to post that I wish you could see of them rocking out while they play their guitars.

They look like real Rock n Roll Superchicks don't they? I think we'll save guitarist in a rock band as CP's back up plan for her career path though.

They also made cupcakes with Emily & Bailey's little cupcake maker. They really were pretty good and you make them in the microwave. It was a good time and I'm so grateful for good friends and good times.


Robby and Rachel said...

We are so glad ya'll got to come spend the night with us and can't wait until the next time...we'll have to make plans once we get past birthday parties, etc. Love you!!!