Monday, January 26, 2009

Ping Pong & Good Friends

So last weekend we got together with our wonderful neighbors, the Vegters. The Big Boys played Ping Pong like Forest Gump Champions and the little guys and dolls played all over the place. AND except for the first picture I did none of the camera work. My eldest little lady, Clara Paige was the photographer and the cinematographer for the whole event.

Ok so in a few years this won't be ok with us parents right now it's just buddies hanging out watchin some good Noggin TV.

Clara got a shot of Nicholas getting in some serious tread time on the tread mill.

Here's Ping Pong Pro Mr. Todd in his ready to play stance.

And here's Ping Pong Pro Mr. Alex in mid pong swing motion. Look at that form!
And below is a little video clip for your viewing pleasure hosted by our own little Miss Clara Paige. It's a hoot if you can stand the topsy turvey camera action.


Tesney said...

Clayton looked at these pics and was calling Alex "daddy". I swear there's nothing we need to confess though. ;)

The Wonderful Whatley Clan! said...

I asked Wendi if I needed to start calling Todd "Forest Gump".