Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Catching Up

So I need to do some marathon blogging so I can get all caught up. I'm going to forget all the good stuff if I don't. Anyway, here's another attempt at it.
A couple of Saturdays ago we went with our good friends the Stricklands to their lake cabin on Lake Martin. Here's the back view of the cutest little swimmers on the lake that day.

And here's the front view. Cute from both angles I think.
From left to right: Keely, Megan Brimingham, Erica, Maggie, Gracie and Clara Paige. It was an awesome day with great friends. Keith's mom & step dad fixed us the most amazing dinner that day. It was just the right finish to a wonderful day on the water. Thanks you guys so much!! Let's do it again.

The night before our Lake adventure we had a sleep-over with Miss Megan Brimingham. She is a good friend of our girls. The twins and Megan are in the same Sunday School class. Megan has been able to tell the twins apart since they were tiny. She rarely gets it wrong. Here they are all snuggled up on their pallet in the living room watching some Disney Channel.

Before bedtime the girls made some brownies. That's right I gave them chocolate before bed. Hey, it was a sleepover.

And earlier in the evening they played some serious dress-up. You gotta love this crew. They all like the same things: chocolate, eating, dressing up, eating, singing, dancing, eating and well, you get the idea. We were so glad to have her as our guest and definitely will do it again!!


Kim Lawson said...

Love the boat pics from both angles!! All those little ones looking out at the water......so sweet.

My three love to go out on my parent's boat. It's so much fun!