Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Friends

So I just had to post this quick funny for you. On the way home from preschool Monday, Maggie announced that she had 2 new friends at school. I'm guessing they are my Gracie's friends too by default. Anyway, I asked their names and Maggie says as honestly as her sweet little face can say it that her friends are named "Sitney" and "Glowey." Huh?? I thought. So I asked again to be sure I didn't misunderstand her and got the same answer. Now, I've met "Sitney's" mom so I know her name is truthfully Sydney but to my Mags it's "Sitney." And she stands firm on that too. Don't try to convince her othewise. If you ask Gracie, she will take it a step further and tell you the poor girls name is "Cindy." Who knows!?!?! I give up on that one.
So knowing I'll lose that name battle I move on to our new buddy "Glowey." I try my best to convince Mags that her name is probably (from my best guess) "Chloe." Mags insists that I am not hearing her correctly and that the girl's name is "Glowey!" So after several times going back and forth with Mags, my sweet Gracie chimes in and informs me that, "Yes momma I do think her name is Glowey. Maggie is right."
So, there you have it. Until I can look at the class role and solve this hilarious name mystery, we have 2 new friends and they are so called: SITNEY & GLOWEY!!!

Glowey, really?? Isn't that the funniest thing? All I can think about are those Glow-worm toys from several years back. Kids never cease to amaze me and mine are certainly no exception!!


Joy said...

I think between Maggie, Gracie and JB3 we are going to see a lot more funny posts.
Also, about the last post and Auburn.....It seems to me that Auburn always surprises everybody when they are predicted to not be as good and come on strong. But....take it from your Alabama Aunt...and as you have already said....you will love them anyway.