Monday, September 14, 2009

I Said It's Great


Yes, Sports Fans it's that time again and if you just can't stand anymore of my Auburn ranting and such well as Karen Carpenter sang, "We've Only Just Begun" my friends. I am a bit behind but let me entertain you with a re-cap of our opening weekend. Unfortunately Alex was in Atlanta working the Nascar Race so he had to miss it. SO, my mom and I took the girls down on Friday to spend the night at Lake Martin with some special family friends, Linda & James Clemens. It was a great time.
*I didn't get any good pics of Linda and James w/my camera so I'll add some later.*

We took a moonlight cruise on the pontoon boat and although you can't make it out too well here, there was a absolutely beautiful full moon reflecting off the water! It's not everyday I get to see such beauty in nature. It was so quiet and peaceful it just reminded me of God's magnificence in His creation!

Here's me and my Clara Paige riding along on the boat after dark.

My girlies just loves swimming around in the lake water. Me, well I'm not so fond of it so I'm glad they could touch the bottom so I didn't have to be in there with them. They enjoyed learning they could float around in their life jackets.

And on Saturday we headed to that Loveliest Village I adore so much. It warms my heart to see my girlies all dressed up on a game day sporting those orange and blue colors I'm so proud of!! We walked around w/Nana and picked up a few game day goodies.

And that evening Clara Paige and I set off to our seats in the sky to watch my Auburn Tigers start their 2009 season against LA TECH under new Head Coach Gene Chizik (Cheezit-see earlier post).
---side note see Bowling Family blog for more on the Cheezit subject. It's pretty cute stuff---
Here's my oldest pride and joy in the stadium at the university that provides a great deal of Pride & Joy of it's own for me and the whole family!! I can't begin to explain nor do I have the time to tell you why I have this great love and attachment to Auburn University(*see last years Fall posts-I think I did a good job of it then) but I can say the feelings are there and they ain't going no where!!! No matter who the coach is or what the score is (however right now I'm pretty darn happy with those two particular points) I'll love my Tigers and what they stand for always!!! It's more than a family tradition for us, it's a spirit and a love that goes beyond the pigskins!
Alex and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to take our girls to Auburn to experience what it's all about but more importantly we love being together and making these excellent memories to cherish forever.

And here's a pic of me and CP the nice lady next to us took b/c I was trying to take one of those awkward self portraits. Guess she knew I wasn't doing such a hot job of it. haha.. Our plan is to rotate taking the girls to the games so next time you'll see one of the twins in the stands. But I must say my Miss CP was just excellent through the whole game. She was patient and as long as she had her snacks she was just peachy!! She never complained at all and we stayed till the very end of the game!! Not to mention the hike back to the truck we had to make!! I was so proud of my lil' Tiger!!

It is certainly great to be an Auburn Tiger and if you don't agree then you've never been one!! :)
Love to all and just know I don't mean to be obnoxious, I'm just that passionate!! Can't wait to see what we put out there for West Virginia this weekend.
My camera broke so no pictures from this last weekend's MS St. game. Sorry to some and probably a relief to others I'm sure!! But I must admit I hate I did not get a picture of the incredible flight of our own Bald Eagle, Spirit, who flew with red, white and blue streamers to honor 9/11. Made me breathless.

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!
ps-Kudos to my cousin Courtney for wearing Orange to the game last weekend as she is a Bammer!! You are better than me my dear!! I was impressed.


courtney said...

haha. you do a LOT for love!

kimberly t. bowling said...

War Eagle!! I love it...the past two weekends have been great on the plains! Glad you enjoyed the pics of the Eagle in flight as well as Aubie with his Chiz-iks. I knew those girls of yours would get a smile from that....

Oh, and a moonlit cruise on the Lake...nice.