Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Other News....

Ok so I'll veer off the AU stuff briefly just to tell you that.....

I'm tired of the rain. I'm thankful of it's blessings but I'm all the same just tired of it!!

Now onto a few non-Auburn related things so I don't lose all my Non-Auburn readers/viewers.

A few weekends ago, Meme & PawPaw took the girlies and cousin Jackson (with friend Hannah) to Mississippi to the Hummingbird Festival. I'm not sure they saw lots of hummingbirds but they had a great time anyway. Thanks Meme & PawPaw for keeping up with our little munchkins for that weekend!!

Also, I've failed to mention that my girls are now aspiring gymnasts. We have taken the plunge along with our good friends the Stricklands into the world of gymnastics. And they love it!! CP took while we were int Ttown but the this is the twins first time. They are all so cute climbing and tumbling around the gym. I'll be sure to take more pictures and keep everyone updated!!

(photo compliments of Donna Strickland as my camera's battery was dead that day - I know, I know what a good mom I am right?!?)


Joy said...

Cute little dancers!
I actually had a couple of sentences in my last blog post about worrying about my nieces at the Auburn game. After rereading I took them out since I knew that they would be well taken care of and didn't want anybody to think any different. But, I actually did worry...you know...the kind of worrying a Mom or Aunt does.
Love ya, Aunt Joy