Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The 1st & 2nd day

Let me start by saying that I normally do not like to be too wordy on my blogs but this story just has to be told the right way!! Ok, so I already told you about some of the beginning of our trip. Auburn, Game, Won, Great!! War Eagle! Mom and Dad took the girls on down to the Beach Club in Gulf Shores on Saturday morning while we were in Auburn. Below are some of their pictures from their lovely and calm day of beach and sun (well, as lovely and calm as a day with my girls can be)! Mom said the girls loved it.

My sweeties on the swing. It's really pretty there. Too bad we only got one night.
Diggin' in the sand with our Pappy!
My Divas and the beautiful sunset!
So, as Alex and I are approaching Gulf Shores around 1 am or so we check out the weather on his work computer. We notice that there could possibly be a Mandatory Evacuation of Gulf Shores issued by Gov. Bob Riley the next morning. Hmm... seriously?? Gustav was heading toward Louisiana. I mean I understood that there might be some bad weather but an evacuation?? Well, sure enough we get up, hang out, eat some breakfast and find out there sure is a MANDATORY evacuation. Dad calls the front desk at 8:45 am and they ask him that we be out by 10am. Not much time to grab our stuff and throw it together and head out. So, do we get in the major traffic heading north or march onward with our mini-vacation. Yep, we made fast reservations at the Edgewater in Destin, Florida and head East. We are still on Fort Morgan road in a major traffic back-up when Al tells me he doesn't feel good at all. Uh Oh! Well he pulls off and barfs in some beach house yard while I was on the phone with our neighbor Wendi who just happened to be in Destin for the week also. Yucko, but my poor husband had the classic signs of the stomach bug that CP had the week before(right before the trip began). So it took us 4 hours to get to Destin which normally would have been about a 2 hr trip. However, with the traffic and the yak-ing stops I think we did pretty well. Also, I think I would have rather taken the 4 hours to Destin than the 10 it would have taken us to get home with the evac traffic. But, by the time we got there Alex was desperately sick. He couldn't keep anything down the whole day. What a great way to enjoy the beach but by kissing the toilet all day. He got so bad I contemplated dragging him to the ER but opted for called our Doctor, Dr. Todd (whom we just happened to go to Auburn with-Thank God) and he called Alex in some meds. Sounds good enough but it was after 10pm by the time this occurred so Guess What? There are NO 24 hr pharmacies anywhere near Destin. The closest one was Pensacola. I bet I wasted a whole hour trying to figure this out. Luckily we had gotten some Emetrol down him and it seemed to work. So, note that if you are out of town and get a bug, I now know that you can use Emetrol, Dramamine, or Benedryl to help stop the nausea. Pepto was NOT doing the trick. We were sure to get the meds the next day in case anyone else decided to grace the trip with unwanted puke. With my prayers answered, Alex finally calmed down and went to sleep. Whew, we could all rest a little bit easier now. I was worried about my man and didn't want him to get dehydrated or anything.
View from the trip to our DESTINation; Destin, Florida! It really is just beautiful there. The water is always so blue and crystal clear. Even after the tropical storm went through.
Here's where we ended up. the Edgewater. Pretty Place and Pretty View.
Sorry but for your sake and mine there are no pics of the barfing action.
On to the next few days.........


Kim Lawson said...

OMG! Never a dull moment, is there, Michele??

TDavis said...

Darn that Gustav! And the stomach bug...ugh. That's no fun for sure. We were in Destin during Katrina...not much beach time with 80 mph wind gusts. We wound up with Clayton as a souviner from that trip...too much free time inside!

Anonymous said...

What an adventure! But it was great to see you on vacation too!!